WaterLogix City or Well Water Lab Test


With our state-of-the-art testing equipment, we provide accurate and reliable water testing services for households, commercial buildings, and industrial facilities.

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City Water Testing

The Basic Test utilizes a state-of-the-art water testing lab to cover 53 of the most common contaminants, including a water hardness test among others. If you don’t feel 100% confident about your water quality then we always recommend a laboratory water analysis. This data-driven approach equips our water experts with the information they need to propose a system tailored to your unique water chemistry, providing priceless peace of mind.

Of course, high-quality, professional-grade water treatment equipment is vitally important, which is why more people come to US Water Systems. However, determining the type and size of system you need requires a detailed laboratory water analysis. Our Basic Test is designed to assess the 53 most common contaminants that we analyze to devise an appropriate water treatment strategy.

Well Water Testing

If your water source is a private well, we highly recommend a detailed laboratory water analysis. This crucial information allows our water experts to recommend a water treatment system tailored to your unique water chemistry, giving you the invaluable gift of peace of mind.

Countless people choose US Water Systems because they understand the importance of high-quality, American-made water treatment systems. Our Premium Test is designed to evaluate the same 53 common contaminants that our Basic Test analyzes, plus 59 additional contamination you may find in well water.

The best part of this test is – we’ll refund the price of the water test from the water treatment system recommended for your water! 

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