Water Purification Systems

The Next Step In Water Filtration And Structuring

Pure Spring Water

We Help You Transform Ordinary Water Into The Equivalent Of Pure, Clean, Spring Water

Pure, clean water is central to our health and well being.

Now Northeast Ohioans concerned about toxins and other contaminants in their drinking water have a new way to improve the water they use for drinking, bathing, and for use in their gardens.

While Lake Erie is an outstanding source for drinking water, there are still toxins that remain. No matter how “clean” water is, there can be contaminants and other toxins that impact health. For example, according to Cleveland Public Water’s own studies, fluoride levels of 1.07 parts per million, Clevelanders are getting more than double the national average. There are also other cancer causing chemicals like bromodichloromethane and chloroform present from using chlorine to disinfect water.

Using a combination of water filtration and water structuring, we have developed a system to filter out the toxins and other contaminants from tap water, and then to restructure the water using an advanced technology borrowed from nature to transform it into the equivalent of pure mountain spring water.

Now you can turn ordinary water into pure, spring water

Our Basic Process

  1. 1. Sediment Filter - to remove iron and other particulates
  2. 2. Carbon/Chemical Filter - to remove chlorine, fluoride, and other disinfectants
  3. 3. Fine Particulate Filter - to remove microbes like cryptosporidium and giardia
  4. 4. Water Restructuring - to restore water to its natural state


The final step, the water restructuring process also neutralizes any remaining contaminants so they can be isolated and flushed out of the body more readily.  

First we filter the water, then we structure it. It’s like turning tap water into pure, spring water. Structured water has been shown to help people suffering from fatigue or tiredness, skin conditions like eczema, and psoriasis, digestion issues, headaches, and other aches and pains,” he added. “Installing a structured water system can help improve the health and vitality of an entire household, including loved ones, pets, and the garden.

Our purification process removes sediments, contaminants, and microbes—and turns ordinary water into the equivalent of pure, spring water

Structured water systems use specific flow form geometry to establish a balanced vortex motion within the water, restoring vital properties that benefit health at the cellular level. Structured Water can aid in more effectively removing toxins from the body due to its increased ability to pick up, surround, and isolate toxins, sometimes referred to as the “colloidal effect”.

The colloidal effect allows for more efficient removal of toxins through natural elimination and delivers more nutrients and energy at the same time. This results in better overall health by improved cellular function. The body simply has less toxic load to filter out at the same time it has cleaner more energetic water to hydrate the body at the cellular level.

Improve Your Water. Improve Your Life.

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